Website Health

We keep track of your website performance and security, monitor broken links, track your SEO and manage your updates. You get a monthly report giving you a breakdown of your website health.

Website Maintenance and Backups



So what happens after your website is built?

We make sure that the investment made while building your website both in time and design is maintained, backed-up, secure. How does it perform as a tool for your business? We gather all that information in one report and give you a snap shot of your Analytics, SEO and track keyword performance and show you  who your competitors are.


Incremental cloud Backups

Secure your data with our incremental cloud backups.

Our backups are incremental, reliable and come with off-site storage, and we can run them on the hour depending on your website requirements.


Everything you need to know about your website

We run updates and send you feedback on how your website is performing.

Key Features

Each report is customised to suit each client. Some of the key aspects we manage.


Incremental, reliable, comes with off-site storage, and capable of running on an hourly cycle.


Get notification when your website goes down, get it back online before anyone  notices.


Safe Updates automatically create a restore point, making updating safer than ever.


Have an insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing.

Google Analytics

Keep track of all results with our Snap Shot of Google Analytics and how your website is attracting new customers.


Keep track of how your keyword ranking changes, find out who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them.


Vulnerability check brings you real time information about what plugins are vulnerable so you can act accordingly.

Broken Links

Link Monitor scans the entire WordPress site for broken links.