Change to HTTPS from HTTP

The signs that a website has been secured with SSL are a padlock icon before the domain name in the address bar. Unsecured sites have an ⓘ  icon – and possibly “Not Secure” before the domain name:

Let’s Encrypt SSL is automatically included and pre-installed for all domains hosted with us to allow all websites to make use of the secure HTTPS protocol. To see whether or not your domain has a certificate, you can browse to the HTTPS version of it, (for example,

If your website is not displaying on HTTPS, or you receive an error, please contact
If your WordPress website has a certificate but does not automatically redirect to HTTPS, here’s how to fix it:
How to activate HTTPS
New WordPress sites

In the Admin area of the newly created WordPress site, select Settings (from the menu on the left-hand side), then General and update the WordPress address (URL) and Site address (URL) to https

Note: Should these fields be greyed out, this may mean that it is set somewhere else on your website. If this is the case, proceed with the next option below.

Established WordPress sites

Current websites will already have been indexed by Google and the HTTP URL will need to be redirected to HTTPS. Thankfully there is a plugin that does the work. Really Simple SSL plugin automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https.

If you use Google Analytics, remember to update the settings to the HTTPS URL.

You can also manually force HTTPS using the .htaccess file.