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Your website doesn’t just show customers what you do but it’s also one of your primary marketing tools. Website design is a combination of copy, content and design to help your business achieve its marketing goals



The Long Game–Understanding SEO

Understanding your website content and how it contributes to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to help Google show your website is to prospective customers.

What you sell is as important as how you sell it. Understanding your potential customers and how they find your product or service is important when writing copy and adding content. Keep the writing relevant to what your core business offering is with key considerations being SEO and Google Relevancy.


The Short Game–Why Advertise?

For your website to find the front page of a search engine it will need to rank organically through relevant content (SEO) or through advertising.

Google’s first responsibility is to provide Search users with the most relevant results. Therefore you earn your position in Google with SEO -That’s your long Game but you pay for your position in Google with Google Ads or PPC – your short game. So while you work on creating great and relevant content you pay Google to place your website in front of potential customers who are looking for what you offer.

Google Ads


Get the whole picture

Understand how users engage with your content and why – understand what turns a visitor into a customer!

With accurate data you can spot trends and gain a deeper understanding of your ideal customer and hopefully attract them. Plus the ability to better undesratnd your existing customers to keep them coming back.


Designing for the future

Websites should measurably drive leads, sales, and a deeper engagement with your business. Make deeper customer connections by understanding your data.

With accurate data you can spot trends and gain a deeper understanding of your ideal customer. Designing for the future means continuous improvement and adjustment to your content. Responsive design and staying informed with what devices drive traffic is one of the biggest design condsiderations in 2021 and into the future.
Understanding what content converts a lead into a customer, should be driving all future design.

Responsive Design

Websites for all uses

We have experience in all types of websites and all categories. Online stores, corporate portals, small to medium business websites and one page start-ups.
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Over ten years
in the game

We have over 10 years in the game designing building and maintaining websites. No project is too small or too large. We take on corportae clients to small startups.

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