Get started with reliable, secure hosting.

We offer reliable and secure hosting. We’ll take care of the hosting while you focus on your business. With domains costing from R89 per year and hosting from R79 per month, you can start small and grow your business.

Website Security
Free SSL Certificate

Every domain hosted with us includes a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, ensuring both your website and mail are secure.

Website builders
Free WordPress Wizard Install

We support popular CMS’s like WordPress. If you are looking to drive your own website build then make use of the WordPress Wizard AppInstaller control panel which you get access to once you activate your hosting.

Looking for something extra
Website Speed and Performance

The primary goal of a CDN is to improve web performance by reducing the time needed to send content and rich media to users, therefore improving load times on your website, and creating a better experience for the end-user.

Your questions, answered

Take charge of how your customers interact with you, get online and show your customers what your business has to offer.

Domains are registered for a set time period, normally for one year, except for .CO.UK domains. We auto-renew your domain before it expires so that you can retain the domain ownership, until you instruct us not to do so.

Our hosting packages all include email accounts, unlimited traffic and SSD storage space. You may choose to use only the email functionality if you prefer.