Mac Mail auto-configuration step-by-step

  1. Browse to  (preferably on the device that the account should be installed)
    1. Insert details
    2. Select the Copy button
    3. Select Create Configuration file
  2.  Download options:
    1. If this is the device on which the account should be setup, choose Download. 
    2. If the account needs to be setup on a different device, choose Email + Send Configuration file (in this case note that you will need to send the pass code separately)
  3. Paste the code that was previously copied (desktop: cmd + v, mobile: click + paste) , then select Download Configuration File
  4. View the new profile:
    • Desktop: Find the file in your downloads folder and double click
    • iPhone or iPad: View the profile in Settings > General > Profile
  5. The Profile Settings will be displayed. Select the Install button on desktop or Install link at the top right on iPhone or iPad
  6. The mail account is now setup. Open Mail to view.


  • If you receive a Token mismatch error, clear your browser cache, or view this page in Incognito (Chrome) or New Private window (other browsers) and try again.