01. Login to konsolH

Login to konsolH with your username and password.

  • Contact us to get your login details for your Domain access.
  • The username will be your domain name eg. in this example we used beachbrats.co.za
  • The password will be the FTP password we would supply to you.

02. Create New Mailbox

  • Click on Mail
  • Manage Accounts
  • New Mailbox

03. New Mailbox

  1. Username: Type in the new mailbox username you want to create.
  2. Password: Create a password that is 11 characters long.
    1. TIP- type out the password on notepad and copy and paste it into the password field.
  3. Verify Password: paste the same password here.
  4. Save: Click on the Add button to save your new mailbox

03. Copy Mailbox details

  1. Printscreen: Make a copy of the email setup details or take a screenshot of the mailbox details.
    • Passwords cannot be recovered once saved.
    • If you can’t remember or lose your password you will need to reset it.

A mailbox is an independent email address with full functionality.
Mail is stored on the server and adds to the disk space of the domain’s web hosting package.
If a forwarder is added, mail will be delivered to both the mailbox and the forwarded address.

Once created, mailboxes can be set up on your desktop or mobile device in the mail programme of your choice, or accessed online via WebMail.

Login to Webmail

Use Webmail to read your email from any Internet-connected computer via a web browser.
Webmail allows you to compose, reply and manage your email online.

Step by Step guide to setup your new mailbox

– Windows
– Mac
– Mobile Devices
– Desktop