Website Speed and Performance

The internet has in recent decades become embedded in almost everything. Serving content to your clients in a fast and responsive way is critical for your online business.

When a Client/User visits your website, data from the website has to travel across the internet to reach the client/user’s computer. If the user is located far from the server, it will take a long time to load a large file, such as video or a website image.

A CDN (content delivery network), also called a content distribution network, is a group of geographically distributed and interconnected servers that speeds up webpage loading for data-heavy applications across the world.

With CDN this kind of content can be cached (saved for some time) in multiple locations at once, on servers all over the world. The primary goal of a CDN is to improve web performance by reducing the time needed to send content and rich media to users, therefore improving load times on your website, and creating a better experience for the end-user.